Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ghoulish Monster Hair Accessory

Today I am going to be showing you how to make this Ghoulish Monster Eye hair accessory!

First of all you need to gather your supplies.

• Scissors
• Hot glue gun & Glue sticks
• 12 ½” Ribbon of your choice
• Barrette or headbands (your choice!)
• Googly craft eyes
• Feathers in assorted colors & sizes
• Needle & Thread (Don’t worry-you don’t need to be a seamstress to make these-
it’s very simple, I promise!)
• Embellishments (Mine are craft picks from the wedding section at Michaels)
• *Optional* Hot glue fingertip protectors
floral picks
Step 1: Take your ribbon, and cut 2 pieces to 5 ¼” and another small piece at 2”. Heat
seal the edges with a lighter so the ends won’t unravel. Fold your first 5 ¼” ribbon to
make a bow, making sure the seam is in the middle. 

Always heat seal your ribbon edges ;)
Step 2: Using your needle and thread, tie a knot in the end of the thread and pull it
through the center of your ribbon, securing it. Repeat this step with the second ribbon,
stacking it on top of the first. After you have your two bows stacked and sewn in the
middle go ahead and pull the needle and thread through BOTH layers of the bow to make
it sturdier. (Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect, nobody will see it later anyway!!) Set


Step 3: Take your googly eyes and pick which feathers you’d like to use - it’s your
project - it can be as wild or tame as you make it! You can play around with your feathers
before you glue them down to make sure it is just how you want it to look. Once you get
a look you like, go ahead and apply a SMALL dab of hot glue to the feather and attach
the other feathers together. I added feathers to the front AND back of my base feather.

Step 4: Taking your craft picks disassemble them-so you have many smaller picks with
one or two rhinestones on them. I curled up the ends of the picks using a new glue stick-to tuck
away the sharp edges and give the pick a little more stability in the hair piece when I glue
them down. Once you have done this glue it to the back of the feather stack. Then glue on
the googly eye to the front of the stack. Set aside.

Step 5: Grab your barrette and open it up. Remove the inside piece and set aside. Then 
take your bows and center them on the barrette, and use your needle and thread to attach
it to the center of the barrette. Secure the rest of the ribbon to the top of the clip with your
hot glue-making sure not to use too much so it dribbles out the sides. Then take the 2”
piece of ribbon and dab glue on the center inside the barrette to secure the ribbon with.
Replace the piece you pulled out earlier. Then flip the barrette over and put glue in the
center and wrap the edges of the ribbon up to the middle. (See, now you can’t even see
the stitching!)


Step 6: Now for the best part!! Take your googly eye and feather stack and glue them 
down on to the top of the bow! Fill in feathers if necessary to cover glue spots. Let dry.
And Wha-La!! A Ghoulish Monster Eye hair accessory any ghoul girl would be thrilled
to wear! 

*TIP* If you are using a headband instead of a hairclip, you can do the same steps as
above only attaching the pieces to the headband instead of the clip! If I am making hair
accessories for a small baby/toddler I like to make it as a bow, and then clip the bow to
the headband so the hair accessory can still be worn as the child gets older*

I shared my tutorial with my friend Keisha over at Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams for her annual 13 Days of Handmade Halloween! Jump on over and see what other goodies she posts up!

Specimen Craft (Kid Friendly)

SK Designs

For this project you will need:

• *Hot Glue Gun & Glue sticks (This part YOU will have to do before hand, unless
your child is older and can do it without getting burned & is supervised for safety)
• Silicone craft molds –Mine are Martha Stewart brand that I got for ½ off at Joann’s
• Scissors (Again, please make sure you cut out the paper unless your child is old
enough to handle scissors or has child approved scissors & is supervised)
• Stickers from Oriental Trading Company
• Scrapbook paper
• Small picture frame
• Non-toxic paint & Paintbrush
• Embellishments

silicone molds

Frame of choice

If your kids are anything like mine they LOVE to do craft projects!! This one is so simple
and it doesn't take very long either; which is great if your child has a shorter attention
span (like my youngest!) This project is also great to do as a quick project for adults too.
Literally it only takes a few minutes and you’re done!

For this project we used small picture frames that hang in the bathroom, which I can switch out seasonally, you can use any frame for this project!
This is my little helper, Kate! 

Step 1: Using your silicone mold squeeze some hot glue in to the mold to fill it up, set aside for a minute and let harden. (It doesn't take long at all!!)

Step 2: Gather up all of your scrapbook paper (or plain colored papers), and a picture frame. Open the frame and remove the glass. With adult supervision, have your child cut the paper down to fit inside the frame you have chosen for this project. Insert the paper in to the frame; place the glass back inside, and close up the back. By doing it like this, your child can decorate their paper and glue the 3D "specimens" on and you will know your glass is safe, too!

I outlined on her paper where to cut so it would fit in the frame.
It is easier if you do this for smaller children
Step 3: Have your child paint the dried glue with non-toxic paint. Then set it aside to dry.
(A hairdryer on low setting will help to speed up this process!)


Step 4: Using Halloween stickers, let your child decorate the paper any way they like.
Our stickers are from Oriental Trading Company. Add embellishments if desired, too!


Step 5: Glue the "specimen" on to the paper in the frame and set it out/hang it up for Halloween!


And there you have it! A very simple project your kids can do!

*NOTE: I used items from Oriental Trading Company that were provided to me free of charge by the company, I provided my own honest opinion. Other people may have a different opinion or experience with the product listed above. No other type of compensation was received.* 

I shared my tutorial with my friend Keisha over at Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams for her annual 13 Days of Handmade Halloween! Jump on over and see what other goodies she posts up!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

13 Days of Handmade Halloween 2013

Hello!! Happy October!! 

I am just taking a minute to tell you about the AWESOME, 2nd annual blog series by Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams called "13 days of Handmade Halloween" that will run from October 14th-October 30th!

It's a series dedicated to craft projects that are pretty simple to do and absolutely adorable for Halloween!! It is put on by Keisha and some of my other party peeps!! You don't want to miss out so make sure you head on over and check it out!

Don't forget to stay tuned for more projects from some pretty crafty ladies, myself included! ;) 
My post/tutorials will be up on Friday, October 18th at noon!! 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

September, The Party Month!

I had a VERY busy September, I had 3 parties to do! The first one was my daughters birthday party, Rain Forest Safari. The second was a "Love & Coffee" bridal shower, and the last one was "Candy Land" :) All of them were a lot of fun to put together!

PARTY #1: Rain Forest Safari

My daughter Alorah wanted to have a wild birthday party! This Rainforest Safari Party features lots of bright and funky animal prints in the birthday girl’s favorite colors bright teal and purple! As the adventure began a “warning” sign on the front door let safari guests know “Party Animals Only” were allowed…

Once outside, hanging vines and leaves immediately caught the safari guest’s attention. The rainforest theme continued on in the gazebo where party-goers were greeted by more vines complimented with butterflies, birds, and monkeys.

I contacted my friend Carli of DimplePrints and had her make the party printables. She always does an AMAZING job and her designs are adorable! (And if you have never heard of DimplePrints-do yourself a favor and go check it out!! She has a ton of different printables and cute things to see!) From banners to signs, fun printables from Carli at Dimple-Prints gave the added touch to the Safari atmosphere.

The main attraction at the dessert table were the delicious “Wild” themed Cake Pops by Christina at 4KidsCakes, Vanilla Blackberry, Double Chocolate, & Chocolate Mint-YUM!!

Old fashioned candy jars were filled with treats such as teal and purple gumballs, trail mix, and rock candy suckers. Purple striped straws and lollipop sticks were adorned with happy birthday flags. Individually decorated ice cream cups were accompanied by hand-stamped spoons from PartyOn! Designs. Animal print wrapped water bottles and glittered “party animals” helped make this area special.

Young explorers were invited to grab safari hats and animal masks for some safari games, where they had a “wild time” at the Alligator obstacle course, the target pop game, and the alligator ring toss!

How cute are these kids?! I mean, REALLY?! I love it! 

At the end of the day guests took home party favors; Safari hair bows and giraffe fans that said “Thank you for Coming. Hope you had a Wild Time!”

PARTY #2: Love & Coffee Bridal Shower

A “perfect blend” of the bride to be’s favorite things. Tiffany blues, creamy browns, and crystal jewels came together to create a rustic chic feel for this special occasion.

As the celebration commenced, bistro-style chalkboards stood out to greet family and friends to the bridal shower. Tania of Tania Fischer Designs designed the chalkboard & lace cupcake wrappers, banners, & the large invitations. They really tied the theme in to the party!

The “buzz” was under way as guests enjoyed hot coffee and beverages. “Here comes the bride” coffee stirrers along with small decorated coffees helped set the mood at the “coffee bar”. Of course there couldn’t be drinks & coffee without treats! To keep with the rustic feel, guests ate delicious food with hand-stamped utensils by PartyOn! Designs

 A “Love” desserts table was not far away filled with cupcakes and cookies. But the main attraction there, thanks to Christy of Itsy Belle, was a gorgeous tiffany blue ruffled cake! This melt-in-your-mouth cake certainly took center stage!

Amid the “Coffee-Bar” and the “Love” desserts table was a keep-sake journal paired with rustic tree branch pencils. This spot was visited by well-wishers throughout the day to write Love & Marriage advice for the happy couple. As the festivities came to an end, guests were thanked “a latte” and presented with miniature coffee sacks filled with the bride to be’s favorite coffee beans.

PARTY #3: Candy Land

This party was for a little girl with a BIG sweet tooth! And what better way to celebrate than with the sweetest stuff there is? Candy! My inspiration for this party was cotton candy... But since the real stuff is rather sticky, I found another way to bring my vision to life. Once again I contacted Carli of DimplePrints and had her "whip" me up some "sweet" designs using my color scheme and her awesome creativity! (Perfectly yummy right?)
I found some faux treats at my local hobby lobby and "scooped" them up right away! I lined the sidewalk to the house with large balloon lollipops to lead guests in to this candy land, and once inside the house they were lead in to the party spaces by colored squares similar to the game. I filled the table with tons of treats sure to send anyone with a sweet tooth in to a sugar rush-or sugar coma!! ha ha :) The kids were in heaven!! 

I wanted the backdrop to be just as decadant as the table setup, as if it was dripping frosting. I bought some fabric from JoAnn's and started sewing!! I used some party circles as sprinkles, hung the banner, and Wha-La!! Instabackdrop!! ;)

There was plenty of food and treats for all of the guests to enjoy (and take home!!) The kids had lots of candy themed games to play to entertain them. I think mostly they had fun just running around and playing with eachother and eating treats that you wouldn't normally get to indulge in ;) Guests had a super sweet time at the party and took home cotton candy party favors with the most adorable double sided tags ever! 

Vendor Credits: 

Rainforest Safari Party: 
SK Designs-Concept & Styling Design
4KidsCakes-Custom Cake Pops
PartyOn! Designs-Hand-Stamped Spoons

Love & Coffee Bridal Shower
SK Designs-Concept & Styling Design
Tania Fischer Design-Chalkboard Printables
Itsy Belle-Ruffle Ombre Cake & Topper
PartyOn! Designs-Hand-Stamped Spoons

Candy Land Party
SK Designs-Concept & Styling Design

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Little Man Mustache Bash

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share an adorable baby shower that I styled about a week ago! I am still waiting to get some pictures back from the photographer, but these are good sneak peeks! ;) The shower was for a good friend of mine, and it was really fun designing her party and watching it come to life!

First I used some adorable Little Man printables from Michelle over at (If you haven't seen her site, head over check it out, & tell her I sent you! She has some SUPER adorable FREE printables over there!!) 

Check out these cute mini candy labels!! So cute!! 

I took the colors from the printables & used that to design a party backdrop using my new favorite tape-shape tape by Frog Tape brand. You can pick it up at any Lowe's store in the paint department! I used frap bottles as the beverage containers & adorned them with mini mustaches that I made using my cricut machine. I made Red Velvet Cupcakes & plunged them with my cupcake corer. Then I filled them with cream cheese filling, topped them with non-dairy whipped topping, green & blue pearl sprinkles, & of course, MUSTACHES!! 

I designed some "chalkboard" art using the Rhonna Designs app and came up with some cute signs for the party... This is what guests saw as they arrived: 

I made each guest a mustache on a stick for them to "wear" during the party if they so chose! (Nobody could turn down such dapper mustaches, though!!) ;)

Frap bottles & water bottles didn't escape my 'stache mania!

(& neither did my party favors & the sign!! ha!)

Keeping with the mustache theme I made chocolate mustaches as the party favors! Yummy!! 

 I bought a baby boy ribbon for the Mom-to-be, used my magic glue gun to make it fit the theme of the day, & I must say-it really tickled our whiskers!!

The Mom-to-be has an amazing family that is full of talent! Two of her talented sisters made all of the yummy treats and food for the day, & the other is the talented lady who did all of the photography for the day! 

Don't these look SUPER tasty?! ALL HOMEMADE!! :)

There will be more pictures to come later from her talented sis, but I will SHAVE it for another post!! ;) Stay tuned for more fun parties coming up this month! :)

Vendor Credits:

Printabelle Little Man printables by Michelle
SK Designs: Party Styling, cupcakes, favors, DIY projects
Kara Walsh: Photography
Lacy Jae: Party Food
Jolene Trudeau: Party Sweets